《Click Chronicles》是一款輕鬆點擊的RPG手機遊戲。




Click Chronicles is a fast-click mobile game.

Your task in game is to help Hero to meet his partners on the journey, and save the world where destroyed by Evil. Each partner has its own capability and fantastic story. They are always loyal to Hero, and help him by using their powerful skill to defeat all rivals they meet on the way.

Pretty, fascinate and exquisite art style, full rich outpouring of story-telling color match you will never be tired. Following the Hero’s journey, you may also experience the course of long way on insisted ideal for game developing, even jump into the scene of the workplace, discover more little secret story about game.

The only way to enjoy gameis to CLICK your fingers! No complex skill or too much time spending. Play it anytime such like waiting/taking bus or subway, walking or after work for depressing.

2017 Click Chronicles Movie產品宣傳影片

2017 Taipei Game Show – Taiwan Good Game Interview


2016 Global Mobile Game Confederation CHENDU GMGC成都独立游戏开发大赛 入圍
2016 遊戲茶館金茶獎 最佳獨立遊戲獎



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