" We deeply believe “PLAY” is the ultimate human nature. It is the origin of evolution that enriches the human life happiness and satisfaction. People are born to be gamers and will keep playing to seek for the joy of life."

We design the indie games, and also partner with international game suppliers for large mobile game projects. We have an excellent team and great passion to explore the gaming world. Our team constantly observes various interesting happenings and accumulates great gaming experience through whatever is fun. We are strong in fast and iterate development through design process.

" 我們認為玩樂遊戲是天性,是幸福生活的演化基礎。人因玩樂而獲得學習成長、維持人際關係以及建立創新能力,因此人天生就是玩家,就是要遊戲人生一輩子。"

buho 是一家專注追隨新世代移動遊戲娛樂設計趨勢,關注精緻入微的體驗設計的遊戲設計公司。我們擁有行動開放社群世代的年輕團隊,致力於了解行動網路遊戲市場趨勢與玩家需求,並以創造滿足玩家樂趣的手遊為基礎,打造具備豐富互動性與娛樂性的優秀遊戲互動產品。



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