《Chef Chen》 is a multiplayer cooperative PC game on Steam, where you can cook demons in another worlds with many stunts and enjoy foods with good friend together. The game supports up to 4 players, let’s work together to make delicious dishes!

The chef Lao Chen comes to an another world by chance. He encounters a group of hungry animals, and sees only demon bodies all around there, but under chef Lao Chen’s skillful hands, he is able to cook them into delicious dishes! That can help his animal friends, who were almost starved to death, to replenish their strength and magic power on the adventure.

Would you like to sit down with your friends and have a nice meal? Play the role of Chef Lao Chen and put your talents to good use as you and your friends defeat the demon. Let’s cook a meal together, and then sit down to enjoy the delicious food together.


  • Turn monsters into delicious dishes.
  • Support up to 4 local players to cook together.
  • Use the skills to overcome the challenges.

《老陳》是一個多人合作的Steam PC遊戲,與身懷絕技的夥伴們在機關重重的異世界料理魔物,並一起享受美味的食物。遊戲支援本地4人,一起合作將魔物做成美味料理吧!




  1. 將魔物變成美味料理
  2. 支援1~4人合作做菜
  3. 運用技能克服難關




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  1. Looks great! Is early testing a possibility? Probably difficult since remote co-op doesn’t seem ready yet.



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